I have been training and competing with dogs (and other animals) since I was a teenager, and for the past twenty four years have been heavily involved in dog training, dog sports and dog activities of all kinds. Agility has been our primary sport and the dogs and I have traveled all over the country, competing and teaching. Currently I am owned and loved by a Border Collie, two awesome little sport mixes, a lurcher, Jetty, the pony, and a gaggle of little furry and feathered critters. In the past I have lived with lots of different breeds and types of dogs and other animals. We do a little bit of everything these days….agility, scent work, flyball, rally, disc dog, dock diving, tracking, barn hunt, and trick training and in the past I have been involved in earthdog, sighthound lure coursing and racing, and a little bit of confirmation showing. I love competition and challenging myself to be a better trainer and handler, but more than that I love that these sports and activities have helped me build incredible bonds with my dogs.

I was very lucky early on to have a wonderful mentor, Diane Bauman who helped me learn everything dog. Along the way I’ve also had opportunities to work with many other great trainers including Bob Bailey, Ken Ramierez, Susan Garrett, Dr Susan Friedman, and many others. In 2012 I graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy and thrive on bringing the world of positive reinforcement dog training to my students.

In 2018 Grape and I were chosen to travel overseas to compete with Team USA on the 2019 AKC European Open Team and the 2019 WAO Agility Team. In 2019 we finished in 7th place overall at the European Open team tryouts and were once again chosen to represent the AKC at the 2020 European Open. We were also able to add "national champions" to our resume by winning the 2019 UKI National Finals at the US Open.

As much as I enjoy training and competing I also find teaching immensely rewarding and love to see my students excel. Many have seen success at the regional and national level, as well as the AKC Invitational and internationally too.

When we are not teaching or competing you can usually find the dogs and I out in the woods trail running, hiking or out riding the trails with the pony, Jetty.

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP)
Living and Learning with Anima
ls, Professional Course
Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)
FitPaws Master Trainer (FP-MT)
Professional Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
AKC Canine Good Citizen/AKC Trick Dog Evaluator
Certified Trick Dog Instructor with "Do More With Your Dog"
Member of the Pet Professional Guild
Member of IAA
Instructor at “Camp Gone To The Dogs"

Grape is the 2019 16" UKI US Open National Champion!

The Dogs that make it happen


SR Desmodronic NA, OAJ, OF, AG, SJ, AS, AR, TKA, ETD, RAT-N
Desmo may not have ever received any championships or major accolades, but what he lacks in titles and ribbons he has more than made up for as a teacher. His agility career was cut short due to some vision issues that made the sport unsafe for him but he is happy being my trail running and hiking buddy. He also spends as much time as he can at camp and snuggling with his human “cousins”. This is the job he loves most and does best.


ITS the Purple Way to Travel AAD, MX, MXJ, OF, ISD, TM, RAT-O, TKA

2019 UKI Northeast Cup Speedstakes Champion

2019 USDAA Northeast Regional Grand Prix

2019 USDAA Northeast Regional Steeplechase Champion

2019 WAO Team USA

2019 AKC European Open Team USA

2019 UKI US Open National Champion

2020​ ​AKC European Open Team USA

2021 USDAA Southeast Regional Grand Prix Champion

2021 UKI Northeast Cup Speedstakes Champion

2022 UKI Southeast Cup Overall Champion

2022 USDAA Sunshine Regional Grand Prix Champion

What can I say about Grape? She is my heart and soul, and the most amazing agility partner I’ve ever had. She is an incredible athlete, clever as can be, thoughtful, sensitive, all terrier and the cutest scruffy, little thing ever! While agility is our main gig we are also dabbling in flyball, disc dog, scent work and barn hunt. She loves them all, and is good at them too! I love every moment we’ve shared together and I can’t wait for all the adventures we have ahead…


Outrun’s Space Race​, NAJ, SJ, SSN, DJ,
2021 USDAA Cynosport World Games Steeplechase Finalist (4th place)
2022 USDAA Sunshine Regional Steeplechase Champion
Kepler is a Lurcher, a Border-Whippet from a lovely breeding that brings athleticism, brains and talent. Hopefully agility will be our main focus with lots of other stuff thrown in for fun!

My amazingly handsome, sensitive and talented boy is slowly growing up. Kepler is helping me learn more about patience, and that not every dog is on the same timeline. I will continue to appreciate all those "moments" where I see what lies ahead.

Kepler just attended his first national event, USDAA Cynosport World Games where he went from Steeplechase Quarterfinals to Semi-finals to Finals, finishing fourth in a very competitive 24" class. Just a little baby dog mistake kept us off the podium. So proud of my best boy!

Kepler's Steeplechase Quarterfinals

Kepler's Steeplechase Semi-Finals

Kepler's Steeplechase Finals


ITS Look Up for Betelgeuse NA , NAJ, SJ, SSN
2022 USDAA Sunshine Regional Biathlon Reserve Champion
Betel is the new kid. He is crazy fun and I'm so excited for our future together! Betelgeuse is named after the star, part of Orion’s belt and said to be one of the most beautiful stars in the sky. Thanks to Julie, Alena and Andrea Tune of InTune Sport Dogs for this cool little guy.

Betel loves agility, disc, and swimming. We have just embarked on our sports career and I'm oh so excited!

B's first dogwalk at a trial