The Canine Magnetix® magnetic dog coat can assist your dog’s natural healing process from intense exercise. When a magnetic field generated by the magnets, in the magnetic dog coat, comes into contact with your dog’s body, this field penetrates through muscle and soft tissue. It is used to assist the body’s natural healing process.


Practical Uses For Your Healthy Canine Athlete

  • Plan to use it 30-60 minutes pre/post exercise to assist in warm-up & cool-down (active recovery).

  • Magnetic products can also be used overnight to assist in healing as your dog is passively recovering.

  • The coats can be used in the winter under a fleece/coat and in the summer it can be used all on its own.

  • It also doubles up as a cooling coat by simply soaking it in water!

For Rehabilitation Purposes

  • Magnets can be also be used on your dog for rehabilitation purposes; whilst your dog is on crate rest, dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery, suffering from arthritis, etc.

  • There are many Veterinarians and Physiologists recommending magnets, however we strongly recommend you obtain a professional diagnosis from your vet before using magnetic products for rehabilitation purposes.


  • Is made of a good quality mesh material, so can be used in the summer and winter

  • Has Neodymium magnets at 2,000 gauss

  • Has a fully adjustable chest strap

  • Has elasticated and adjustable leg straps with quick release clips

  • Has a padded neck line with 2 magnets targeting the neck area

  • Is Machine washable at 30ºC