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Bridget’s YouTube Channel - see us training and at agility trials, and just goofing around.

Agility Organizations

AKC – The American Kennel Club agility program offers multiple classes and is where you will see the widest variety of breeds competing.

USDAA – United States Dog Agility Association – Lots of classes and games, very laid-back atmosphere.

CPE – Canine Performance Events – Lots of classes and games. Very beginner friendly.

UKI – UK Agility International – A new-ish venue offering lots of classes and games. Challenging courses where competitors are allowed/encouraged to train/reward in the ring.

Agility Supplies and Equipment

Clean Run – CR is *the* source for agility and dog training supplies. “Clean Run” magazine offers a monthly publication on all things agility. And CRCD is an online course design software.

MAD Agility Equipment – PA supplier of agility obstacles/equipment. Great family-owned business that supplies most of our local trials with their equipment.

Dogstar reviews

Bridget is a fabulous coach to even the most challenging teams. I'm constantly impressed by her patience, clear communication and ability to adapt her style to what each dog and handler needs. The best part is she manages to strike the right balance of challenge and fun. I leave each class feeling like it was time well spent.

Ginger Feickert Mihalik

I have trained with Bridget in agility and have also done several of her online groups/classes. She's a great dog trainer who knows how to translate her knowledge to help each individual team grow and get better and better. In agility, she has pushed me past my comfort zone and my dog and I have developed very strong skills and confidence in our team.

Her Circus Pup online training group is my newest's just FUN!!! And it keeps me busy with my dog daily. Bridget posts instructional videos/explantations/demos and you practice and post videos of your progress ... she helps out as needed to perfect your training. It's great clicker training practice too.

100% Recommend.

Anne Beach

Love my classes and workshops with Bridget !!! Bridget is a master at understanding different breeds and handler's ability. She has gotten me to do things that I never thought possible with a Swissy.Always have fun and look forward to my training times with Bridget !!!!

Jan Collins

Bridget can read your dog and help you communicate better with the dog. She can pin point small changes in your body position that translate to a better and smoother performance . She is so patient!

Jane Andraka

Bridget is a great instructor! With her instruction I have taken my first dog ever from the Novice level to the Master level. She has been patient with my awkward handling and makes it fun. She laughs and can be very silly and we all love her big smile.

Elle Brunner

I have worked with Bridget for many years. She has helped me hone my handling skills with my breed of choice, Scottish Terriers. Previous trainers didn't tailor training to help me get the most out of handling my chosen breed. Bridget tailors her instruction to meet the needs of the individual dog and trainer. She is very intuitive about the needs of the dog, she is a clear communicator, a skilled trainer and a compassionate teacher. I am so happy to be one of her students!

Jeanne Lishia