what we offer

We are here to help you and your dog find your game! Whether it's agility, scent work, trick training, or just having fun together. We tailor to each individual's needs and use positive reinforcement, and a science-based approach to dog training.

Agility Training

  • If you are brand new to agility, dog training, or even dogs, and just want to see if this is the right game for you and your dog, start here... CLICK HERE

  • Already an agility addict? Starting your next youngster or new dog? Or do you just love getting nerdy about dog training? Start here... CLICK HERE

  • Already a competitor and looking for a fun and challenging group class environment? We specialize in a fun atmosphere that helps develop your handling and training skills and takes them to the next level! Ready.... CLICK HERE

  • Already an agility competitor and looking to up your game? Private lessons tailored to your team, and weekly group classes full of fun challenges, and a whole heap of learning. Start here... CLICK HERE

  • No time to train? A confirmation dog that you'd like to place agility titles on? Something specific that needs some extra work? Check out our "Board & Train" agility program. Your dog will live in my home and get specialized care and training every day. "Camp" stays are booked in one week increments. Start here... CLICK HERE

Other Fun Stuff

Find It! -- Nose Games CLICK HERE

Circus Pup! Trick Training CLICK HERE

Online Learning

Online Learning

At DogStar we try to offer something for everyone! Short classes on specific training skills like our “Teach Your Dog A Skill With A Verbal Cue” series. Classes for puppies and dogs new to agility, “Rising Stars! – Foundations for Dog Sports” and “Everyday with Beetle – Puppy Foundations for Agility”. We also offer a monthly “smorgasbord” of agility “DogStar’s Small Spaces, Big Ideas” a class that gives either an agility skill to work on, a fitness/coordination/body awareness skill, or a new trick to train each day for a month.

Life with dogs

  • In-home Training Sessions CLICK HERE

  • Private Lessons at DogStar Farm CLICK HERE

  • Group Class Training (at DogStar Farm, but we do take field trips) CLICK HERE

  • Day Training and Camp (at DogStar Farm) CLICK HERE

  • Board and Train (very limited openings) CLICK HERE

  • The Perfect Puppy Package (an in-person and online program) CLICK HERE