Some of the products we use and love.....

Myos - This stuff works! I started using Myos for my older Border Collie, Desmo after hearing from several others that it helped their older dogs build muscle in a weak rear end. I figured that if I was trying it for Des the rest of the gang might as well try it too. The difference in all four dogs is pretty amazing. It has helped Desmo gain muscle and strength in his rear end, and for my younger, already active and fit dogs it has accentuated muscle mass and made them even stronger.

Powered by Fortetropin®, MYOS Canine Muscle Formula has been clinically proven to help build and maintain muscle mass in canines. I have seen the results in my own dogs as well as those of my students. I would highly recommend Myos as part of your canine athlete's health and wellness routine.

I am excited to offer a 20% discount and free shipping when using the link below, or using the code dogstar20 at checkout.

Canine Magnetix®

I am pleased to be part of the affiliate program for Magnetix. My dogs love their coats (and they look super cute in them too) and I typically have them on overnight during big events to help aid in the recovery process after a big day of agility or disc.

The Canine Magnetix® magnetic dog coat can assist your dog’s natural healing process from intense exercise. When a magnetic field generated by the magnets, in the magnetic dog coat, comes into contact with your dog’s body, this field penetrates through muscle and soft tissue. It is used to assist the body’s natural healing process.