Welcome to DogStar!

My goal is to provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere for total newbies as well as seasoned agility competitors. Here are a few guidelines we like to follow to help make everyone's experience the best it can be....

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Please treat DogStar Farm as if it were your own. If something is broken, dirty, dangerous, etc. please let Bridget know.

Please drive slowly on the property!

If you are late for your class and dogs are already working loose on the field you MUST park in the designated parking area. Do NOT open the gate and enter the field with your car if dogs are loose and working.

Please do not potty your dogs on or near the agility field.

While we do live in the country we would still like to be respectful of our neighbors by minimizing barking. If your dog barks while running agility we can live with that. If your dog barks when crated or when watching other dogs run we will need a plan! If you are struggling ask Bridget for help.

Please do not let your dogs potty on things we have to touch!

Please do NOT disturb classes/instructor/students/dogs in progress.

Please do NOT enter the gate into the training area with dogs if there are dogs on the field working.

Please leave the gates as you found them….. If the gate is open when you arrive, you can leave it open. If the gate is closed when you arrive, please close again after you enter.

There will be a clean porta potty for humans and hand sanitizer available.

There is a hose and running water along with several pools/stock tubs. Please plan to bring your own bowl for dog water.

There are several wire crates available for your use under the overhang by the shed (near the deck), this is out of the sun. It is near the ring but does have a visual barrier.

Bitches in season: May attend (wearing panties) with permission of Bridget. Handlers must bring a towel for the dog to use at start lines, etc.

There are horses in the paddocks next to the agility ring. Please do not let your dog harass the horses.

The “parking field” is an approximately five acre fenced field. You are free to use this field to exercise your dogs, but be mindful that….

- There may be cars entering/exiting the field

- Gates to the training area and the driveway may be opening/closing

- There is a Verizon cell tower at the back of the field, occasionally there may be a Verizon truck

- At this point this field is in a “natural” pasture state. It has trees, roots, stumps, cacti, jaggers,
bugs, holes, divots, uneven terrain, and critters. Please use this field at your own discretion, and
be mindful of your dogs.

Class Cancellations/Missed Classes:
Class cancellations due to weather/unforeseen circumstances: If class must be cancelled due to weather or other circumstances out of Bridget’s control a makeup class will be scheduled on the next available date. If Bridget is unable to schedule a makeup students will be given a credit slip for a free class.

Every effort will be made to contact students in the event of a weather/unforeseen cancellation (not under Bridget’s control). Email, Facebook posts, and texts will be sent as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to reach out to Bridget if they are in doubt.

Classes cancelled by Bridget for any other reason: If a student is not able to attend the scheduled makeup date they will be issued either a credit slip for one class or a refund for that class.

Class spots may NOT be sold or traded if you are unable to make a class.

Missed classes: Bridget does not guarantee makeups for any missed classes. If there is an opening in another appropriate level class *during* your current session you may attend with permission from Bridget.


Private lessons - Lessons must be cancelled prior to 48 hours before your scheduled lesson. If adequate notice is not given student will be responsible for the entire cost of the lesson.

Group classes - Full refunds will be given for registrations cancelled within twenty-four hours of registering. Otherwise a class credit will be issued.

Medical reasons: If you are unable to continue with your class session due to a dog/handler medical issue a written request must be received from a doctor/veterinarian. In this case a credit slip will be issued. This is offered on a per case basis and is at the discretion of the instructor.

*** I feel very strongly that your dog needs to be in good physical condition to participate in dog sports. This means physical fitness as well as health and nutrition. Class or lessons should *not* be your dog's "exercise" for the day.

Bridget reserves the right to move a student to a different class level if she feels this will benefit the student (or the remainder of the class). If the student is not able to make this change a class credit (for the remainder of the session) will be issued.

If a team is excused for any reason not limited to aggression, unsafe handling, not following rules of the facility, disorderly conduct, abuse of animals or people, etc, no refund will be given.

Classes/Lessons at the Gainesville Location:

  • All the above rules apply.

  • This is a private “residence”, please treat it as if it was your own property.

  • Please carry in/carry out any trash you create so as to minimize clean-up.

  • The entire property is fenced for safety but please keep dogs on leash/under control at all times.

  • Please plan to bring your own needs and those of your dog. There are some crates that are available for student use, but plan to bring any chair/bedding/water bowl/etc that you may need.

  • Please do not arrive earlier than fifteen minutes prior to your class.

  • If you are in the last class of the evening please plan to be ready to leave by 845 pm. We have been asked to be off the property by 9 pm with lights out and gates closed.

Please come to me with any issues related to parking, the grounds, the agility ring/building, equipment, safety concerns, porta potty/supply issues, other students or dogs. The more quickly I know there is a problem, the faster I can fix it!